10 Plus Size Cozy and Light-Weight Robes For You

Are you a robe person?

One day my friend told me she has a summer/spring robe and a fall/winter robe and I have never been the same again. Her summer robe is lighter and airier, while her winter robe is fluffy and cozy.

And like…how frickin smart?! After she told me that, I got summer robe. I despise being hot, so I got a light-weight robe that is perfect to keep me covered when I’m getting ready, but doesn’t get me all sweaty before I go where I need to go.

To be honest, I never used to be a robe person, but I feel kind of fancy in my robe. I wanted to share a few robes with y’all I think are cute and work for either fall/winter or spring/summer or both. All of these robes go up to at least a 4x.

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Light-weight Robes

This first robe is very similar to my summer rob. It’s silky, short, and doesn’t make me feel hot when I’m getting ready.

The next one is also a little silky number with a cute little eyelet detail. I loved the purple color, but it also comes in several colors.

The next two come in really fun, flirty floral prints. I think it sort of steps up the fanciness.

The last two in this category feel a little more casual to me, but I like them because they seem so soft and comfortable! I could totally imagine wearing them while I’m making coffee on a Sunday morning or breakfast or just lounging the day away.

Toni is in a pink silky robe. She's holding her phone up to take a mirror photo.

Warm, Cozy Robes

This first robe comes in so so many colors and patterns. Like bright yellow, tiger print, funky stripes and zigzags.

Next is a flannel option. What a classic, amiright?!

There is also this cute robe that looks soft and comfortable. The closing is also in the middle so it makes it easier to close.

Last is another option for a terrycloth robe that comes in several colors and has the most sizing options.

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