Classic, Boho, or Dark Academia Fall Decor Inspiration

Figuring out how to decorate your home for fall just got easier. Here you will find three themes you can choose from: Classic Fall, Boho Fall, Dark Academia Fall.

I didn’t realize there were so many different fall or halloween themes to choose from, but as I started thinking about how I wanted to decorate this year, I realized there were so many different options. Here I am going to talk about the three that I really loved. The first is Classic Fall. It’s everything you think of when you think about fall decor. Oranges, leaves, pumpkins, etc. The next is Boho Fall. This is filled with creams, textures, wooden pieces, etc. The last is something I feel is totally opposite of the other two. It’s dark academia fall. Think lots of black, purple, skulls, bats, webs, etc.

Below you will find images of inspiration I really enjoyed and thought represented these themes best. And then, I also included links to items so you can make these looks happen in your home. The nice thing about fall though is some of the items I have linked below is they can work for a mixture of all three of these themes. And the most important thing to remember, is your fall decor can be a mixture of everything you love, no matter the theme I have it listed it under.

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Classic Fall

If you are someone who likes the idea of traditional decor for each season, this will be the design theme for you. If you feel like the best way to “do” fall is to keep it classic (think yellow and orange leaves, sunflowers, pumpkins, welcoming signs, candles and more), I have found some really cute displays that really made me feel super cozy and homey.

The Inspiration

I decided creating a cute mantel or television stand is my favorite area of a home to decorate. I highly recommend adding a bunch of different fall foliage and bouquets. I also really love mixing orange and white pumpkins together with some greenery as well. You will learn quickly, I am a huge fan of using all sorts of textures in a holiday display.

Click through the photos below to see the images that made me happy when thinking about classic fall decor.

The Items to Make this Happen

The things I think are super important for this type of decor style are pumpkins, fall leaves, and cute signs. Use lots of oranges and yellows to mimic the beautiful fall colors of the season.


I chose so many different pumpkins to add to your fall home decor. Wooden ones, fabric ones, crocheted ones, and plastic ones. I really love the idea of mixing and matching a bunch of them in order to create something really beautiful.


I cannon say enough about lighting to make a really beautiful, cozy display. The lights are honestly the most important thing in my personal opinion. I have fake candles listed, really cozy real ones. I also included candle stands because changing the height with stand really helps add some depth to a design.

Fall Foliage

I can’t decide if the fall foliage is more important than the pumpkins, but I really don’t think you can do a fall display without adding just a few yellow/orange leaves. It just feels super important especially if you are trying to create a really classic fall look.


I think something fun about classic designs is the ways in which we add new touches to make a modernly classic look. For example, if you do fall bouquets, you need a vase, obviously. But, instead of choosing a clear vase, adding an amber or smoked glass vase is super beautiful.

Throw Pillows and Blankets

To really create that cozy fall vibe, you need comfy pillows and throws. I added some that have fun fall sayings, images, and prints.


Most of the inspiration photos I enjoyed, had cute fall quotes and I really thought it was important to add some cute signs you could use.

Boho Fall

I am such a big fan of bohemian decor. All the natural elements and colors. I am know so many people who already have a bohemian decor in their homes and I love the idea of your holiday/special occasion decor working into your already in place decor.

If you are someone who has a lot of natural textures in your space, I really think you will love the inspiration photos I added below. Lots of wooden pumpkins, greenery, gold accents, dried leaves and flowers, and moreBecause I think the photos will do a better job of explaining what you will need for this vibe, I’m just going to let them speak for themselves.

The Inspiration

These photos bring me so much joy and I really hope they make you feel inspired to play around with textures and natural elements. I am including some items below that I think will really help you make this happen in your home if you love this as much as me!

Items to Make this Happen


Pumpkins are an obvious choice to make any space look fall ready. I think to create a bohemian display, you have to make sure you are including several different styles. They should be a few different sizes, and textures. For example, I have a wood beaded pumpkin included, and that would be perfect with a white ceramic pumpkin and some velvet ones, and some of the more realistic looking green and orange mini pumpkins.

Dried florals/Greenery

If you already have a bohemian theme in your home, you probably already have a bunch of dried grasses and leaves. I think mixing it in with some fall florals would be perfect. If you are going for a more Scandinavian boho look, maybe you are more focused on greenery like eucalyptus leaves.


I love, love, love to bring height differences to a display with bud vases, or large vases with pompous grass in them. Again, if you have a bohemian theme, you potentially already have something like this in your home. If not, I have linked several that I like. I also think going to thrift stores is a wonderful way to get vases. I have been able to thrift like ten flower pots in one day and paid about $15. So don’t forget to check your local thrift stores when you are looking for things like this.


Not only do I think you should include delicious smelling fall scents to your home, I also think creating a fabulous boho display include pillar candles. I am including a few different candle stand sets and pillar candles to sprinkle around your home for fall. Some are battery operated and some are real. I personally don’t light the real candles. They are just for looks. But, if you want a really homey vibe at night, I really think lighting them (or turning them on) would be so beautiful.


This section includes trays and tapestries. It also includes cute jars you can use for bits an bots to add some color and another texture.

Dark Academia Fall

Are you a fan of fall and halloween but not really into the browns, oranges, yellows and reds? How do you feel about black, gold, red, purple, and silver?

I know these colors aren’t mind-blowing for halloween, but I feel like it’s super fun. And, it’s truly a dark vintage vibe that I am a little obsessed with right now. A lot of the decoration I am really loving is perfect for either a mantel, maybe a wall shelf, or a television stand. I think maybe a cute little coffee table situation or some decorations on a bookshelf.

The Inspiration

As I always do when I’m looking for inspiration, I went to Pinterest and I was super inspired by the dark academia. Lots of books, candles, vintage-looking post cards, etc. I also really like skulls, spiders and black accents to make this look.

The Items to Make This Happen

If you want to make this look happen (or any version of it), the main thing is to remember adding lots of rich textures and colors. Add all different tones of red and purple. Add black and silver or gold elements. Add natural materials, like wood, or some sort of cloth. I really like the idea of tule or gauze. And because I am super cool and nice, I took the time to find a lot of the items you will need in order to make this happen.


I think adding cute little pumpkins all over is so cute. Placing them randomly on different shelves or on the table will be really cute. If you look at the examples, grouping them together with different sizes and texture really makes the spaces look complete.

Skull Decor

Skulls placed randomly throughout your space would also be super cool. I found some that have a velvet texture to add a little spice to the display. I also found one that has flowers coming out of the top, which also adds some extra natural elements as well.

Candles/Candle Holders

I feel like you can’t do Halloween decor without adding candles and candle holders. Whether you want to do real candles or fake ones, they add such a richness to your display. I have a few pillar candle holders picked out, and I even included black and white candles that are real or fake. If you are looking for an outdoor situation, I also included some lanterns so you can take the gothic vibe straight out your door.


I love the idea of using purple or a combination of purple and orange lights to really make it a vibe at night. Not only would string lights be cool, but I also really like the garland lights with different figurines or shapes like bats. And, if you are looking for a spooky vibe, adding a light up spider web would be super fun. My thought is if you don’t want it to be on the wall, you can drape it off a shelf or your mantel.

Moon and Stars

I think if you love the idea of purple decor, you may also love the idea of including some witchy elements like moon and star phases. One of the inspiration photos has a moon phase mirror and I think it looks so so cool. I also included a moon phases wall hanging too incase you like that idea, but don’t want to commit to hanging a mirror. I also included a cool tapestry that will add some texture to your space.


Below are the random things that will just really pull your display together. The different cloths, some funky crows that could add an extra spooky feel.

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