Four Plus-Size Looks for Four Different OCCASIONS

My Gen-Z cousins love fashion almost as much as I do. And I am always asking them for their opinions on what’s cool or what looks good. They’ve also styled me several times. This time, I tasked them with styling an outfit for a specific vacation using clothes in my closet.

I’m not going to lie, letting them have full reign of my closet was a little scary. I wasn’t sure what they were going to come up with, but I think they did a great job. If you want to recreate these looks, I have linked items below that are either the same or similar. I also tried to pick items that will work for the fall/winter season because these outfits were picked at the end of July when it was warmer.

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Brunch Look

I think this look is so cute because it mixes both casual items with a top that I can totally wear to work or even a night out. The yellow pants I’m wearing have been in my closet for years, and I know colored jeans aren’t really a “thing” anymore, but I can’t part with them because they are the perfect fit and a great color. My little cousin decided to pair this with some tennis shoes to make it even more casual, but a big leather tote bag that is a little more structured than your average “farmers market” tote.

Here are the links for a similar look:

Going Out Look

I want to be clear. I am not someone who goes out very ofter and when I do, this look is not something I would go for. It’s something I would want to wear, but just don’t. This look is very much something I am in love with and maybe when I’m having a really great body acceptance day, I will try it out!

Here are links to similar items:

Farmers Market/Running Errands Look

This look is by far the most casual but just super adorable. I love easy breezy dresses that I can just throw on and depending on the accessories I pair with it, will be either casual or a little dressed up. Since it’s warmer, I decided to add in a few sweatshirt dresses in similar colors. I think in that case, adding a plain black ball cap would be a good replacement for the brown hat.

Here are links to similar items:

Beachy Dinner Look

So many people love this look. I think the shacket is the biggest reason for it. I got this a few years ago from Old Navy and I think it will be something I keep for many, many years even when shackets go out of style. This feels very much like something that will come back in style every now and again. And the color is too perfect. Unfortunately, I couldn’t link the very same shacket but I did find one from Target that is similar. As for the white dress, I have talked about this dress so much because I have several colors of this same dress. It is comfy, true to size, and really low cost. I wear them all the time.

Here are links to similar items:

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