Toni smiles at the camera with one hand on the side of her head. She's wearing a necklace and earrings.

15 Pieces of Jewelry I’m Loving (Plus-size Friendly)

Let’s cut to the chase. The whole reason I am writing this blog post is because I got 783 compliments today.

People sent me DMs, and almost every person I chatted with at work also mentioned how cute I looked as well. A big part of this I think is because I straightened my bangs, but also I think it was my cute jewelry I decided to put on this morning.

It was a simple double-chain gold necklace and a pair of gold hoop earrings, but woah, what an impact, apparently?!

I want to share the love with y’all. Below are the two items I wore and several others I’m a big fan of right now. Almost every piece is either plus-size friendly. I am also adding the necklace extenders I love buying. I’ve purchased like four packs because I love them so much.

*** The items linked are affiliate links. If you purchase from these links, I will earn a small commission. The commission I earn will help me create more fun content for you.

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