Living on the Bright Side

Anyone else feel a major correlation between the sun staying out longer and deciding your wardrobe requires all the colors. It’s like my body feels the brightness and wants to wear brightness to express the feelings too.

I recently purchased a bunch of colorful clothes. I think after New Years Day. Almost everything I purchased was super colorful and made me super happy. And now that the sun is out until later than 5 p.m., I have been itching to put colorful outfits together.

You’ll see on my Tik Tok, I recently did a video wear I closed my eyes and picked my outfit. The outfit pictured is what I happened to pick out. While it was a pretty mild selection, the shirt and the top didn’t technically go together. But all the colors somehow worked for me. It made me to play around with colors even more.

I thought it would be cool for me to provide you with some really fun, bright tops you can add to your wardrobe this spring to liven up your outfits. Any of these tops can be worn dressed up or dressed down. Add some sort of jacket or blazer for a business casual look if you are looking to spice up your work wardrobe this week as well.

The items selected are affiliate links. Purchasing through these links will earn me a small commission. The commission helps me continue to make cool content for you! 🙂

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