7 Plus size Wide Leg Jean Looks

I don’t know why we are shocked that wide-leg, mom jeans are back in style. Fashion comes and goes all the dang time. I mean even corsets have never really left us. I have honestly seen the writing on the wall for a while. I mean, 90s fashion has been back for a while now. It was only a matter of time before the jeans came back too.

Don’t get me wrong. I get it. I am a very short person. I KNOW how terrible it is to walk around on a rainy/snowy day in pants that aren’t tight around my ankles. I know how ripped and gross the bottoms of jeans get from dragging on the ground. I can still remember how hard it was for me, a plus size person, to find a really good skinny jean that fit in all the right places. So I know why it’s probably hard to walk away from them. But I am sorry, Gen Z bringing this trend back isn’t annoying or dumb to me. The jeans are frickin cute. I don’t care. I’m saying it.

And I’m also saying that if you don’t like them…that is PERFECTLY okay as well. I don’t think skinny jeans will fully disappear. They make our asses look too good to drop them completely. And honestly, wear what you want! Wear what you love, what makes you happy.

But for the naysayers, I don’t think this trend will be going away. If you think I’m wrong, just know I still remember the day I told my friends “I don’t like skinny jeans, I don’t think they will be around for that long” back around 2007.

To show you how I would style them, here are a few outfit options.

If you want to jump in on the trend, I am linking a few pairs I either own or good dupes for ones I have but aren’t sold anymore. These are affiliate links. I earn a small commission from anything you purchase through these links. I appreciate anyone who supports me in this way. And it’s the way I can continue to do cool things and create fun content!

*** Sidenote: I have been rocking a middle part for more than two years now, so maybe I am the one who brought this trend back…thankyouverymuch! Hahaha. 🙂

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