Plus size Athleisure Looks

I recently asked my Instagram audience what they would like to see me style and I had so many people ask for ways to make sweatshirts and sweatpants/leggings look a little less lounge-y.

Athleisure is basically what I live in. I wear black leggings almost every single day. Even when I was working in the office daily, I was wearing leggings with most of my work outfits.

But athleisure isn’t just about wearing leggings. There are several ways to carry out this aesthetic. On my Instagram, you’ll find a Reel with four ideas, and below I included links to help you create them yourselves!

Some of my favorite places to get Athleisure gear are listed below:

Old Navy

Lane Bryant


Dia & Co


*** All links and items are affiliates. I will earn a small commission if you buy from these links. The small commission helps me make this part time gig, a full time job. So I appreciate it! 🙂

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