My Favorites Things: 2020

I refuse to post about 2020 and all the lessons I learned or all the highlights from this year. I hope you learned lessons and I hope you have highlights. But I decided I’m just ready to move into 2021.

Instead, I’m going to share with you the products that I loved this year. Most of them are just ordinary home items that don’t seem remarkable, but have made my life so much easier and better. Or they have just brought me small joys, which I think we all needed this year.

I’m going to highlight three of my very favorite, but link more below.

First up are pads I put under my bed to help keep it from slipping on my wood floors. I used to have a rug under my bed but even though I used a rubber mat under it, my bed slipped all over the place. My rug would get all sorts of messed up and I hated it. I decided to take the rug out and I put these little rubber shower mat circles under each bed leg. My bed hasn’t moved since. I think it may be my best home hack ever.

Next, I have actually been meaning to talk about these sleeping eye masks for years, but I kept forgetting. They are cheap. They break. They sort of smell the first time I wear a new one (which I have to do regularly because they are so cheap). And wow, I would make a wonderful sales woman! You’re like why the HECK would I want these? Because, I promise you, they are the only eye masks that I have found that work. They don’t fall off when I’m sleeping, get my hair stuck in velcro, or hurt my ears. I buy pack of them once a year and then use them until they break. I think I’ve had this pack for a little over a year now.

The other product I want to highlight are some hair products I have been OBSESSED with this year. I bought some Kristin Ess hair products this summer and they are a game changer. Not only do they smell absolutely wonderful, they have made my hair look so great. I have three products I highly recommend. I get the hair dry spray (Which I don’t know what it’s purpose really is, but it smells the best!), the sea salt spray, and the curl cream. I am telling you, I have never used products that have worked so well. I love the waves and the texture I get with these products.

These products and the others I didn’t highlight are linked below! Check them out!

I get a small commission if you purchase items using the links above. The commission allows me to continue making cool content!

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