We Love Colors Tights Review

Tights and I have had an extremely rocky relationship. Growing up my mom would put tights on me right before we would leave the house to prevent getting runs in them before we showed up to whatever event we were going to.

Kids get runs in their tights, that’s just a give in. But add in a metal prosthesis and those pesky things come fast and furious.

I stopped wearing them because as I got older, I was always way too rough and tumble. There wasn’t anything my mom could do to keep me from tearing my tights. And then I also got to the point where I thought tights brought way more attention to my prosthesis and I wanted to avoid that kind of attention at all costs.

Even as an adult, a few years ago, when I finally tried tights again, I didn’t like the way they looked. I was embarrassed by how thin my leg looked compared to my real leg. The tights just made it way more obvious. I tried cutting them so it looked like I was wearing one tight on my real leg. (This also helped with tearing my tights.) I thought that sort of solved my irrational self-consciousness I had developed when it came to this particular clothing item. And it sort of did. But I had people tell me to just wear the tights on both legs. They were like we all know you have a fake leg so why does it matter?

And it kind of hit me like “yeah, the people who love me and who matter don’t give two fucks if I have one skinny-tighted leg, and one regular-tighted leg, so why the heck do you care?!”

I’m always growing and finding ways to love myself more and more, ya know?! So when We Love Color reached out about a month ago and asked if I wanted to try some tights, I thought, “eh…why not give it a shot!?” I had asked if would be okay to cut the right leg just in case I decided to do that again and they said of course.

But a funny thing happened when I put my tights on. I liked how they looked. I didn’t think they looked stupid and embarrassing on my prosthesis. I was pleasantly surprised.

I decided to have fun with the tights. I wanted to play with the fun colors. I have never had anything but white, black and nude tights before. With my newfound confidence, I wanted to show off how fun tights can be and how easily they can spice up an outfit.

If you are looking to add fun and brightness to your outfits, I highly suggest getting colorful tights. As I was taking pictures, I felt myself have fun. I felt a little sexier in my tights. I felt like I was a little more bold. I felt like I was beginning to build a beautiful friendship with something that used to give me so much anxiety. Honestly, that made wearing them all the better!

We Love Color has so many style options, and colors. And they are pretty size inclusive (they got up to an 8x) which is just so so awesome. The tights were soft and stretchy and so extremely comfortable. I love wearing things that make me feel like I’m not really wearing anything at all.

Below are a few ways I styled my tights!

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