How to: Merry & Bright Christmas Decor

Let me start off by saying, I don’t usually decorate for holidays. I’m usually a bit of a grinch about any holiday decorations. Mostly because I don’t like to set it all up and then put it all away just a few weeks later.

But 2020 has been dark. I’ve been sad lately. I needed something to brighten my spirits.

I decided to really go for it and put up the kind of Christmas decor I’ve been eyeing for a few years now, but never really had the guts to do. I thought I needed my decor to be traditional and grand and elegant. But let’s be real…that’s not really who I am. So why pretend?

For fall, I decorated my plant shelves and I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the ambiance at night. Reading and listening to some relaxing music with twinkle lights on was the absolute best. I wanted to create a very similar situation for winter, but I wanted something to go with my fun snowflakes, so I chose some snow flake twinkle lights.

Because I purchased a new tree and the lights, I wanted everything else to be relatively cheap. I decided to DIY what I could. Including my Christmas village! I just don’t really have a lot of extra cash, ya know?! After I found a few paper ornament ideas on Pinterest, and a couple other Inso photos, off I went. with my bright paper and glue and scissors and tape.

The final product ended up being something I am super proud of!

Below are all the products I used to make this happen and a few links of the inspirations for what I created. Also, my very favorite product is the Christmas tree remote. I am telling you, it’s SUCH a game changer. When I’m done reading, I don’t have to get up to turn the lights off, I can just stay cozied in my bed.

Inspo links:

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