Rom-Com MOvie Madness 2020

I have always and will always be obsessed with rom-coms. I’ve been posting a bunch of “What Movie is Better” polls on my Instagram and I am adoring all the messages of why people like this movie or that movie. And I’m also loving all the comments about how hard it is to pick between some. Now, it’s got me thinking, what Rom-Com really is the best? I want to know! So, I compiled 64 from the 1940s – 2020. I’ve picked from my favorites, my friends’ favorites, my mom’s favorites, and from “top rom-com” lists on the internet. I’m so excited to see what y’all decide!

Here’s how to participate:

  • Download the bracket from the link above and either type out your bracket or print it out.
  • Pick what movie you like better. (Not which movie you think will win.) I want to see which movie people like more than the other, not which one people think is more popular.
  • On Nov. 8, I’ll start posting polls in my Instagram stories (@anneandkathleen). Whatever movie gets the higher score, is the movie that will get to the next round.
  • I’m going to be watching these movies as I post them (as long as I can stream them), and I highly encourage you to watch any of the movies you haven’t seen before so you can honestly know what movie you like more.

On the left side of the bracket are movies from the 40s-80s and movies from the 00s. On the right side are movies from the 90s and movies from the 2010s. I realize there are SO many movies that did not make the list. It’s not because I don’t love them or because they aren’t the best. Some of them, I just couldn’t figure out what other movie of that time period would/could go up against it.

I agonized over this list for days. I changed it SEVERAL times. Even after I had my final list, I made two last minute changes right before uploading them to this blog post.

Let the fun begin!

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