Plus Size Jacket Round Up

Last night I pulled up my really warm, cozy blanket that sits at the end of my bed to combat the chill in my house. I personally love a cold house, so I wasn’t upset by any means. I was thrilled. And this morning when I woke up with a cold nose, because that’s all that was out of the blanket, I just got so excited.

Crispy fall mornings are my favorite. Well snowy winter mornings are actually my favorite, but these are a close second.

This also meant it was time to whip out a jacket for the first time this season. I prefer light jackets almost always. Even in the winter, I don’t like to have a big bulky coat. Personally, I could wear a fall jacket throughout the winter too, so it’s really important for me to pick the perfect one.

I have one from two Decembers ago from Old Navy. It’s a heathered grey, open front blazer style jacket. It’s big enough I can wear sweaters underneath and light enough I don’t get hot when the weather warms up in the afternoon.

While I don’t think I need a new jacket yet, I thought this was probably the time when people will be buying their coat for the season. I decided to do a little round up for y’all of some of my favorites. And honestly, there are a couple that are so cute, it’s taking everything in me to not purchase one. Get one for yourself so I can live vicariously through you! : )

If I remember correctly, all the jackets range from $30 to about $80 which means they won’t break the bank. And I also tried to pick jackets I thought would work with almost everything.

*** When you purchase through this link, I earn a small commission. That commission helps me continue to make fun content and it also will help me in my goal of eventually taking this gig full time!

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