Dia & Co’s Exclusive Collaboration with FILA Review

I am VERY picky about my leggings. I like them to be sturdy and stretchy, but not to show my underwear. I want them to not be too overly long, I want them to stay up and not roll. I want them to feel as though I’m not wearing anything at all!

With that being said, I really like the FILA leggings from their collaboration with Dia & Co. They pass all my tests and they look different from any of the other black ones I own with the . It’s a win-win-win-win-win…you get the picture…

I also received the white fleece zip up and the FILA red, with and blue hoodie.

To be honest, I will be wearing the crap out of that zip up. It’s not too heavy. It’s a tad sporty, but still cute. It’s a perfect addition to my coat collection.

The hoodie is a little snug. I wanted it to be just a little more over-sized. I have the potential to size-up if I wanted to, but it’s also not necessary. I would say if you are hoping for the slouchy look, size up, If you want it to fit nicely, your normal size will be just fine.

If you are interested in shopping this collection, check the following link: Dia & Co. First time shoppers can get 15% off with the code anneandkathleen15

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