My 8 Staples

*** Originally posted in 2017, updated in 2020

There are a few things I don’t think I will ever tire of. They are such staples in my everyday life that even if they go out of style, I’m not going to change my ways. I mean, I’d like to think these are so simple and classic, they won’t go out of style anyways! These are in no particular order/preference.

  • Top knots: Not that I think this style will ever die, I have seen a few of those “what trends must die in (insert any year)” and top knots are always included. And I’m over here like, “yeah freakin’ right!” You cannot even try to take this quick lil ‘do away from me. Never! If I could live my life with one hairstyle forever, it’d be the top knot. It’s such a versatile look. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 10-second process, or it it takes me 30 minutes and 8,345 discreetly placed bobby pins. I can wear it for every occasion!
  • Cognac-colored flats: I have bought the same pair of Cognac-colored flats from Payless for a few years now. I buy a new pair every year because I wear them so often, they get totally destroyed. I’m not sure what I’m going to do now that Payless is going out of business. It’s a bit devastating for me. I will need to find a new favorite cognac-colored pair, I guess. I feel like cognac brown is one of the most versatile neutrals. Not only does it pairs the with with fun colors, it also pairs well with other neutrals. I think my favorite color pairing is black and cognac brown.
  • Black and white striped tee: I have paired a black and white striped tee with just about everything. Leggings, and a jean shirt; a jean jacket and colored jeggings; skirts; cardigans; plaid shirts; plaid scarves…the list goes on and on. I tie them in a knot and wear it over a LBD for a 90s look. I own like five different styles of black and white striped tees. There are some with more white than black, more black than white, skinny lines, wide lines, v necks, long sleeve, short sleeve…I love them.
  • Jean Jacket: I am short so it took me years to find a jean jacket that doesn’t hit me too low or too high (Remember in the really early 00s when cropped jackets were all the rage?! Yeah, they were never cropped on me.) Anyways, about 7 or 8 years ago I found a jean jacket at Lane Bryant. It’s the perfect medium wash.. It has fading in all the right spots (more so now since I’ve worn and washed is so much, which only adds to the beauty). I have worn the shit out of this jacket! Like my black and white tee, I wear my jean jacket with and for everything! I use it to dress down a fancier outfit and I use it to dress up a super casual outfit. I love a jean jacket so much, I have added more to my collection. I have a light wash, a vintage one, an oversized one, a black one and a cheetah print one.
  • Leggings: Not to get into the leggings are/aren’t pants argument or anything, but….leggings are totally pants! At least mine are. I only buy athletic leggings, which have better coverage. My favorite are the Go-Dry High Rise Compression Leggings from Old Navy! I have about five pairs I rotate into my wardrobe more times than I should admit to. I could live in them. I am never more comfortable than when I am wearing those leggings.. I know they can be worn with regular t-shirts and with nicer tops because they aren’t going to fade in the wash because the Go-Dry material is a little better quality. Also, because of my prosthetic leg, I have an issue with my pants getting holes in the knees rather quickly and these leggings held together a hell of a lot longer than almost all my other pants have, which is an extra little treat for me!
  • Jeggings: If you have never gotten yourself a pair of jeggings from Torrid, I’m gunna need you to stop right here and go there now! Since I first started wearing them a few years ago, I almost never buy jeans from another store. They are so snug in all the right places and nice and stretchy around the waist. They are so comfortable. They come in a million colors. The come in Tall, Regular, Short and Extra Short. For someone who is barely 5 ft, I was on cloud 9 when they introduced the Extra Short size! Ugh…I could go on and on! I could gush for days about these pants. Just go buy some. I promise you won’t be disappointed.
  • Hipster panties: I. Could. Give. Two. Fucks. About. The. VPL! If you don’t like looking at my panty lines…Don’t . Look. At. My. Ass! I will not forgo comfort and wear a thong just to make my ass look “more appealing.” And I know there are people who find thongs and boy shorts comfortable, but I feel like both ride up too much and it’s all I think about.
  • Nude nails: I am a fan of painting my nails. I love to experiment with patters, colors, designs. But I personally think there is nothing more chic than a nude nail. It will forever be my go-to. I almost always do a nude nail or at least use a nude polish as a base for a fun design/pattern. I love to change my nails and I experiment with colors and designs all the time, but nude nails are my staple color and I don’t think I will ever give that up.

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